Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries takes place in Changsha


The Annual Dialogue between Museums of East Asian Countries was held at the Changsha Museum on Nov.1. Young people from the 10 ASEAN countries and 3 East Asian countries had dialogues on the topic “Mutual Learning and Inheritance of East Asian Civilization.” It allowed them to feel the unique charm of the cultural heritage of different countries close up and strengthened mutual understanding.

According to Huang Wei, Level-1 Inspector of the General Editorial Department of China International Publishing Group, “Changsha was recognized as the 2017 Culture City of East Asia by the cultural ministers of China, Japan, and South Korea, which is a testimony to the city’s deep-seated inheritance of culture.” She expressed her hope for the youths of the countries to gain a deep sense of the charm of Changsha, continue their journey to explore the footprints of East Asian civilization, exhibit their confidence and edge, and unleash their youthfulness.

At the dialogues between museum directors of the “10+3” countries, Director of the Lao National Museum and relevant experts from The Palace Museum and the Dunhuang Academy discussed the national and cultural connotations and historical heritage of the museums in East Asia.

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